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Injury Prevention


Employees should be viewed as retail, administrative, & industrial athletes requiring strength & endurance for optimal performance each day and over years of service. 

Extended periods of walking, standing, sitting or reaching are prerequisites for many workers as are the higher risk activities reaching, climbing, bending, and lifting. 


Injury prevention is about recognizing the near & long term risks to the employee and organization.  Enhancements to strength and mobility will positively affect injury occurrence rate and severity.   It will also address the rate of degradation of an employee's health proficiency and mitigate disability claims.


Understanding the costs and risks drives the proper investment of time and resources towards a manageable and sustainable approach to improving employee health; improving the employee's approach to physical tasks and creating an environment that encourages, supports and values an engaged and compliant workforce.



Expertise and Education is the difference. Delivery of major-league, preeminent physiology assessment and training technology provides the mechanism to prevent injury, cure chronic and enhance worker productivity and longevity. 

Aegis Preventative care is not about an athletic trainer applying basic sports triage to your staff.  That is a short-sighted solution where all the problems return once you take away the trainer.  


We go beyond case management and the process of simply treating symptoms.  We anticipate what may occur based upon the condition of the employee and physical demands of each task performed, then identify the underlying causes of injury and design a sustainable system of strength and mobility to mitigate the risk. 



The injury prevention program requires our gaining a full understanding of each job position, the physical requirements and operating conditions associated with that job, as well as the physical health and mobility of the workforce.  


We then discern job risk by examining the unique individual propensities/demographics, postural weaknesses, environmental factors, hydration, diet and technical instruction on form and function are all areas that need to be tracked and measured.  


Upon completion of our work and workforce assessment process, your company will have a blueprint of its operations and workforce that will be of immense value in our collective program planning and in measuring value delivered.  

This blueprint not only facilitates discerning program path and rollout, but it also becomes a foundation that evolves with the longer term plan.  Our initial recommendation for a program launch is a series of convenient & simple formulas that creates instant credibility with your employees.  We would then follow up with more targeted protocols that you select for those who are higher risk.    


Aegis will provide several options to approaching preventative care.  Each option will have a specific budget, detail the services to be performed and expected outcomes. 

Please note, we plan the program with you.  We want your input & feedback because no one knows your people, or your business better than you.     

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