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Since 1996, Aegis has provided services to top US Blue Chip companies such as Zurich Insurance, API Group, Dr. Pepper and Walmart.  In addition, we serve mid-range companies with an average of 1,000 employees and with the most challenging industry classifications for injury & disability-related costs:  heavy construction, transportation, logistics, healthcare and service industries.

We have 50 corporate and field employees including top talent in business management, case management and industrial specialists.  Our impact is especially great on large liability claims of over $1 million exposures.  Our transformative services save customers $3-$5 million annually in healthcare costs, wages, replacement services and service interruption costs.

Aegis has developed key concept approaches to early intervention of recordable injuries as well as transformative triage and treatment of soft tissue injuries.  We are redefining how companies treat and pay for soft tissue injuries. 

The current industry standard, including Occupational Medicine, ineffective physical therapy, escalating specialty treatment and diagnostic studies create an average claim cost of up to $30,000 with very uncertain outcomes & a high level of repeat injuries.  Our unique approach drills down to fundamental postural causes for pain and injury & we identify how symptoms relate to job demands.  Our solutions provide long term pain relief and improved job performance.


Our flagship model was developed in conjunction with our oldest customer, USAFP.  In 2006, we helped design & implement a complete disability and lost time management program.  In 2 years, we were able to substantially impact claim costs, lost time, numbers of injuries, severity of injuries, duration of injuries and litigation rates. 


The 2006 total work compensation liabilities were: $1.8 million, 135 claims, 35 lost time claims, numerous litigated claims, 5 vocational rehabilitation cases and an EMR of 1.15.  By 2008, total claim dollars were $160,000, zero lost time, 5 total claims, zero litigation, average claim duration went from 3.2 months to under 4 weeks.

Sustained management outcomes reflect excellent year over year and safety program stability through 2019:  under $100,000 total claims expense on average, 10 consecutive years without a lost time injury, 6 million work hours without a lost time injury, EMR of .58 and very high safety morale.  Company’s safety program is best in class and they are awarded competitive contracts by virtue of their safety performance.


Aegis developed a pilot program for 1,000 employee moving and storage company headquartered in Virginia with operations in 13 states.  They have over 700 delivery drivers and helpers rated as VERY HEAVY physical demand. 

We tailored our USAFP model and scaled it to support a national profile.  In the process, we identified key workers compensation metrics and delivered quantified reductions in: Lost time, Claim Severity, Claim Duration, Number of Claims, Claims Cost.  We improved company morale in workplace safety.  Our management process also developed additional metrics that are key components to success: we virtually eliminated litigation claims while at the same time reducing Workers Compensation cases by 18-20%.


Founding member of the RISCA Group, Risk, Insurance, & Strategic Claims Association, headquartered in Chicago, IL.  RISCA has 1,000 + members representing high-level decision-makers in safety, risk, legal, insurance and healthcare.  RISCA members are responsible for over 100,000 employees under their jurisdiction.

RISCA provides members with significant analysis, demonstrations, exhibits and training with industry leaders in the field. Strategic resources range from State Supreme Court judges, arbitrators, and legislators to premier medical experts in Spine surgery, Neurology and Pain Management to Claims Management and Litigation strategies.

Aegis management also sits on the Executive Committee for the Chicago branch of the American Society of Safety Professionals. The ASSP is a 100 + year old organization with 30,000 members nationwide.  They provide support, training and research into Safety and Risk management through all industries.  The ASSP sponsors top notch seminars and yearly symposiums that feature nationally recognized experts in all phases of managing the health and well-being of employees and job site safety. 

2019 & BEYOND

Aegis has been redirecting the value proposition we bring to our customers.  We have extremely high level of competencies in the services we offer.  We have delivered transformative change to companies in some of the toughest industries and most litigious jurisdictions in the country. 


Our new approach is based on long term relationship building where our contributions are appreciated at the C-Suite level and the impact of our services are internalized within organizations. Internalizing our knowledge and experience will deliver critical company priorities: Employee injury prevention and integrated health management as it relates to their workforce.


Dr. Catteruccia is a nationally recognized expert seeking to transform healthcare delivery and outcomes for working people in the US. His clientele includes household names in business, professional sports, etc., but he has dedicated himself to the industrial athlete. 


Dr. Catterucia has garnered a great following for not only his knowledge and dynamic personality, but for his uncanny ability to course-direct often debilitating soft tissue injury in just one session.  He goes beyond symptoms and standards.  Dr. Catteruccia has encyclopedic knowledge of the intricacies of body movement & athleticism of the industrial athlete. He is the driving force behind injury prevention, soft tissue injury triage & treatment.

Vince has a Ph.D. April, 2018 The Role of Behavioral Intervention in Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery, University of Arizona, a Master of Science degree in Kinesiotherapy, Rehabilitation Sciences and Human Performance, RKT  A Kinesiotherapist with an advanced knowledge of human physiology among other academic degrees and achievements. 

Vince is licensed in 14 local and nationally recognized licensing bodies. 


Building an industrial athlete-centric platform to scale nationally that upends traditional case management, soft tissue injury management and initiates an accurate and functional workforce assessment that initiate a ongoing preventive care program to fundamentally change lives while driving down costs.  

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