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Medical Claims Management
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Do you have cases with unnecessary lost time, no specific diagnosis or time-frames for treatment and/or return to work?

  • Our Nurses align medical providers, safety managers, first line supervisors & your employees to achieve successful outcomes & reduce costs!

  • Control of employee's medical care to ensure great outcomes & a timely return to work!

Soft Tissue Injury Management
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Did you know that on average, Soft Tissue Injuries represent 30% of Work Comp claims and 70% of Work Comp Costs? Soft Tissue Injuries include, but are not limited to sprains/strains to the lower back, neck, shoulders, elbows, and knees. 

Aegis offers a unique approach to the management of soft tissue injuries.  Our program delivers evidence-based assessment by a nationally recognized Kinesiotherapist and Sports Trainer.  The employee is prescribed a custom regimen of targeted training that yields long-term solutions and relief of pain or injury.   

Historical Claims Assessment

A comprehensive process of compiling information from multiple sources to facilitate a constructive, multi-tiered analysis.

The analysis will identify cost-driving claim trends, characteristics & effectiveness of claim processes.  Once completed, it becomes a roadmap for fundamental process change and measurement of future success

Injury Prevention
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We outline the physical demands and risks of your jobs & provide cost-effective process, material handling & equipment solutions- Ergonomics.  


We evaluate your people, their movements, posture and athleticism needed to perform essential/critical job demands-  we provide adaptive ergonomic solutions for employees.  They become the athlete you need on the job. 


We provide proven pre & post work exercise regimens prescribed by a nationally recognized expert specifically designed for your employees to enhance dexterity, improve mobility and reduce pain.     

Vocational Rehabilitation
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We immediately focus the parties on the goal of return to work.  We provide a thoughtful & accurate analysis of the employee's medical diagnosis and physical limitations, transferable job skills from past work and/or training. 


We identify & eliminate barriers that can negatively affect the successful return to work of the injured employee.

Succinct and accurate analysis that identifies wage loss on large claims and can be used to resolve cases or as the blueprint for vocational planning. 

Process Improvement - Claims Management
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The employer is often the only party concerned with claim costs, patient outcomes, and duration of the claim.  However, the employer seldom knows the value and impact they can provide to achieve their own goals. 

We help employers gain the knowledge, process and tools to drive the claim.  We explain when to utilize them, and how these techniques further their own goals. 

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